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3 definitions by El Rob

(rhymes with "dated") chate chater 1. to be on the receiving end of a swindle, scam, rip-off or similarly unacceptable behaviour.
a. My friend got chated by this chick who never showed up last night!

b. After realising his buddy had returned his car after a week with zero gas in the tank he felt supremely chated.
by El Rob July 02, 2005
24 8
Shapely buttocks, male or female
I've still got the goods; check out these pantaloupes!
by El Rob July 04, 2005
7 1
1. An unfortunate social disease, among whose many symptoms include rich suburban kids pretending to be "street" while secretly processing their business school apps at night.

2. An inflated sense of entitlement wholly unrelated to talent or effort, currently seen spreading across the developed world.
This was once a decent, if unremarkable, high school cafeteria, before the dread onset of affluenza. Now mail order bling and off-kilter hats reign to dismay the sane...
by El Rob July 11, 2005
16 13