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5 definitions by El Mercenario

Four people engaged in sex acts at the same time. When three of the four are of the same gender, you have a gangbang. If you have two couples (two men, two women), it´s also named as round bed.
My supreme dream is to take part in a foursome.
by El Mercenario November 28, 2003
418 197
adj. In Japanese, it can have several connotations, and the meaning depends in the following word:

1.- true, real, original
2.- sacred, holy, saint
3.- evil

In general terms, you will find this word used in videogames, anime and manga.
by El Mercenario September 19, 2003
41 26
Anal Rimming. That is, to lick someone else´s ass. Delicious...
When will we see a movi in which Gauge does an ar?
by El Mercenario November 28, 2003
18 22
n. The way a nigger broda pronnounces the word "player". It refers to girls who use to engage in several (sexual) relationships at the same time; even though they have "steady" ones. The term seems to have a spanish origin. See also: tramp, slut.
Silvia is ugly, but she is such a playa.
by El Mercenario November 28, 2003
6 23
A playable character in fighting game serie "Mortal Kombat". Looks like a shadow with several chessy tricks. His name come from backward-spelling one of the game´s programmer: Tobias Boon.
Stop using Noob Saibot or I gonna reset the game!
by El Mercenario September 17, 2003
36 100