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Coloquial derogatory terminology describing a lesbian. Typically used between groups of "lads"
"You know Chrissie, the sausage dodger down the road...."
by El Goodwino October 26, 2004
A particularily noxious emission from ones rectum, possibly followed by a small bum nugget.
Bejesus, I just dropped a bum egg.
by El Goodwino October 26, 2004
The act of sex with your dead relatives. An amalgamtion of the words "Incest" and "Necrophelia"

Apparently created by a veritable linguistic genius after hearing a bit of "village gossip" in a small rural English settlement.
"Incestrophelia" Yay. Another thing to keep the locals busy.
by El Goodwino October 26, 2004

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