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12 definitions by El Don Diguidi

Anxiety concerning the act of defecation, most often related to pooping in public restrooms.
I was at the game and I waited in line for a stall forever, but when I finally got in there I got pooformance anxiety and I couldn't poop.
by El Don Diguidi September 17, 2009
Spanish slang for "fucked," from the verb joder (to fuck).
Se me olvidó mi pistola... ¡Estoy jodido!
by El Don Diguidi July 14, 2005
Spanish slang for a white person, like calling someone a honkey. Can also be used as a term of endearment for a Latino who has lighter skin, probably of Spanish descent. Güero is masculine, güera is feminine.
I saw a bunch of güeros in Santa Fe the other day. They were all talking about art and shit. Pinche gringos.
by El Don Diguidi February 17, 2006
Spanish for head lice.
Ai, mijo, ¡tienes los piojos otra vez!
by El Don Diguidi July 26, 2005
A punch, or if it's used as "jodasos" it means fighting.
Cleto: Bro, I heard you threw jodasos with some gavacho at Allsup's last night.
Jesús: Por serio, carnal. I handed it to that pinche guero puto, a la madre.
by El Don Diguidi July 26, 2005
A person from Taos, New Mexico.

Also a restaurant in Taos, New Mexico, serving traditional New Mexican food.
Don't you know, homes? Soy Taoseño por vida.

Eee, bro, I'm all hungry. I'm gonna go eat a stuffed sopaipilla at El Taoseño.
by El Don Diguidi May 11, 2009
A made-up Spanglish word used in a similar fashion to the word thingamajig. The root word in Spanish is chingar, "to fuck".
Hey Pete, hand me that there chingadero.

I gotta go to Wal-Mart and buy one of those chingaderos to fix my sink.
by El Don Diguidi May 11, 2009