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4 definitions by El Caguamero

adj: fuck in Spanish (not sex, see: Coger, Chingar)
no mames wey! Te vas a caer pinche borracho!

Stop screwing around! You're going to fall, fucking drunk!
by El Caguamero March 17, 2004
605 481
Dumbass. can be used as a term of endearment... I guess...
órale, tu pinche pendejo!! no seas mamon wey, llevatela pa' la pista a bailar!

come on f**king dumbass, don't suck dude take her to the floor to dance
by El Caguamero March 17, 2004
274 246
This is a type of tortoise, but in mexico it is slang for a 40oz beer of Carta blanca.
Sacalas cuaguamas! Me voy a poner bien pedo!

Bust out the 40s! I gonna get good and drunk!
by El Caguamero March 17, 2004
84 97
naco is a word most commonly used in Mexico, but some Mexican Americans use it as well. It describes a person who looks poor or skanky. In Monterrey you can see nacos wearing baggy pants, playing guacharacas/tambores and jamming out to cumbia colombiana
ese pinche naco vive alla por el cerro y se cree bien cholo.

that fuckin' naco lives by the hills and he thinks he a real gangsta
by El Caguamero March 17, 2004
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