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In the late 1980's Goths & New Romantics would meet in nightclubs, have sex and produce babies. The resulting spawn of these two hideous fashion disasters would then grow up to become Emo's.

Combineing the worst possible aspects of it's parents emo's are lving proof that two wrongs not make a right.

Because of their love of Hitler-esque extreme side partings, sullen expressions and men wearing make-up crowds of emos generally resemble Neo-Nazis at a Motley Crue gig.

Emo is a shortened version of Emotional & used as a name becuase it is thought describe their sensitive, thoughful state of mind, although a moore accurate name would 'Twats'.
'Everyone hates emo's becuase they're sensitive & special people.'

'No. It's becuase you're a cunt'
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by El B@stardo February 14, 2009
Devolved country within the United Kingdom of which no one outside the U.K has ever heard of.
Invaded, conquered & then promptly forgotten about by the English around 700 years ago the Welsh maintain a strong and very one sided rivalry with the their Anglo-Saxon neighbours. The English, to busy maintaining their rivalry with the French take very little notice of this.
Like many countries with a relatively small population and large agricultural base( i.e New Zealand, Australia, Scotland) the people of Wales are the targets, and original victims, of the epithet 'sheep shagger'.
Wales seems to produce an above average output of very attrative ladies (Catherine Zeta Jones,Charlotte Church, inumerable Big Brother contestants) which has been specualted to be the product of either a healthy rural diet, good clean valley air or that they simply evolved this way as the only means of tempting welsh men away from their sheep.
Wales allegedly has it's own language but that fact that it sounds like a horse coughing up phlegm and and all the words contain more vowels than constantants have led many to beleive they're simply taking the piss.
Main exports: Sheep, coal, socalism, Big Brother contestants, pop bands, rugby.
Q. Excuse me, are you English?

A. Fuck off boyo, I'm from Wales.
#welsh #wales #sheepshaggers #united kingdom #britain
by El B@stardo February 11, 2009
Grateing teen pop boyband from Ireland who are the countries final revenge on the U.K for all the shit thats been done to them over the years.

In secret deal between the governements of both countries in late 2005 Ireland offered to take them back and promised put them beyond further use in exchange for the handover of N.Ireland as well. Sadly talks failed after the British demanded that they also take back Ronan Keating & Graham Norton, an offer the Irish Government regarded as 'Totally Unacceptable'.
'Would you like to listen to Westlife?'

'No thank you. I would rather be raped to death by a H.I.V positive cheesegrater.'
#westlife #boyband #ireland #united kingdom #northern ireland #graham norton #ronan keating #shit #wank #gash
by El B@stardo February 14, 2009
A serious form of sexual assault, almost universally illegal, generally regarded to involve forced sexual intercourse by one person upon another without their consent.
Most women beleive being raped is the worst possible thing that could possibly happen to them, and some claim they would rather be killed than raped.

In spite of this many credible studies have shown that up to 60% of women have fantasies about being raped, which just goes to show you really never can trust anything a women says.
'Help I've been raped!'

'Did you cum?'
#rape #sex #women #surprise sex #sexual assault
by El B@stardo February 12, 2009
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