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An individual who appears to be intelligent, but having intellect that is only directly attributed to the Internet; often these individuals are totally unaware of how transparent their "smarts" are.
"Don't believe everything Steve says, it's probably just something off the Web. He may seem smart, but he's just a dumb-ass Internectual."
by Eileen Fitzpatrick September 05, 2007
Combining the words "accoutrements" and "mommy" to define a female parent who insists on having every imaginable accessory for her newborn child, which often has a lengthy gender-neutral name. The accoutremommy enjoys showing off her top of the line brand name baby in voracious scrapbooking work and judges others by how their baby's possesssions compare. She will ballistically defend her child and home from any products she deems are less worthy than more expensive or prestigious brand names.
Carol only wants Gap clothes for Mackenzie Ryerson, she's such an accoutremommy!
by Eileen Fitzpatrick October 06, 2007
The inexplicable low mood resulting from hearing the news that Apple founder Steve Jobs has died.
iHeard about Steve Jobs dying today and now iSad.
by Eileen Fitzpatrick October 06, 2011
The unique scent associated with opening one's purse, based on its contents.
As a busy single mother, Jane's pursefume reflected her hectic lifestyle - when she opened the bag, a scent of cough drops, disinfectant, dust, baby powder and the coffee she had spilled on her purse filled the air.
by Eileen Fitzpatrick April 05, 2008
To ruin, spoil, sabotage, make annoying or generally increase how shitty something is.
"Wow, that presentation really sucked."
"Yeah, it could have been good, but Mitch wouldn't shut up - he tends to shitten things."
by Eileen Fitzpatrick March 12, 2010
A tweenager, adolescent, teen, tween, child, or young person who is incapable of crossing the street promptly and without incident because they are too busy being a loser, nerd, punk, idiot, goth, poser, behaving in a stupid way, immersed in their angst, gawkward-ness or a full blown iPod zombie.
Travis is such a pubestrian he can't cross the street in less than four and a half minutes, nor without making a fool of himself in some way.
by Eileen Fitzpatrick March 15, 2010
The elevator that is always draped in dark fabric, at work or in the apartment building, that people are afraid to use.
"Come on, let's hurry upstairs, I have to go to the bathroom!"
"Let's wait for a minute. I don't want to take the Darth Elevator, it scares me."
by Eileen Fitzpatrick April 05, 2008

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