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A gangsta white rapper who goes by the stage name Zay-k-47. Birth name Zachary Lewis. "Zay K" currently resides in Keller Texas where he makes his funky beats with his best friend Lil B Zay K is most known for his hit singles such as, Clothes,Clothes and Past Time Apology. You can listen to his amazing songs on his fan page on Myspace. His best friend and Manager and promoter and ghost whiter "Lil B" has helped make Zay-K-47 a success and got him to where he is today he has amazing talent and could get anyone to where they need to go in the music industry. Zay-K will be a appearing on MTV Cribs and guest starring on BET. you should listen to Zay-K-47 and help keep young Zachary a STAR.

person 1-Yo man you herd that Zay-K-47?

person 2-Hell yeaa And we party and we do drugs you aint fuckin with us we the new thugs!

person 1- BET

person 2- ONE

"the night is long like whats in my pants"

"this is zay-k-47"

"heyy....i like you...
"did you tell anna you liked her"
"what? what? no man? no.
"heyyy fool i did tell her that im sorry.."

hahaha :) gotcha
by Eightequals.D August 19, 2010

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