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1 definition by Eight8Mile

When a man does something wrong by accident to a woman and a bunch of woman 'stick up for the friend,' which is woman terms for, 'insulting the poor guy extremely harshly.'
Allie: You look good with Kevin, Erin!
Kevin: How about no.
Erin: Ouch! That was mean you cum dumpster.
Allie: Woww, Erin just kidding you could do better than Kevin.
Justina: That was so mean what you said to Erin, Kevin. Apologize you raging faggot face.
Amanda: Kevin, Erin is a nice girl. Stop being a raging douche bag and apologize to her for saying that.
Jennifer: Are you kidding me Kevin? Just because you're secretly a homosexual and you smell worse than the city dump, you need to stop being so rude.
Kevin: Alright jeez, sorry. Stop Gangbang Offending me!
by Eight8Mile April 28, 2011