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When using a slang term for an african american.
When Jane called Jack a "Moon Cricket" she used a YooHoophemism.
by EiEiOwen May 01, 2009
Someone who is only interested in cuddling. Has no interest is sex. If the person is male can also be defined as a "Pussy."
He was looking for a free lance cuddler because his wife was only interested in sex.
by EiEiOwen December 15, 2009
The act of altering your child's behavior with the promise of french fries.
He needed his son to stop crying so he committed an act of frybery and offered him some crinkle cut french fries.
by EiEiOwen June 19, 2015
Meat that resembles that of a crab but is created from processed white fish and is devoid of any crab at all.
As it turned out they had been eating crabsent and Julie was faking her allergic reaction the whole time. crabcrab sticks
by EiEiOwen June 19, 2015
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