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A racist retard. Racetards are racists who try to sound intelligent but fail miserably because their comments are tainted by racist rhetoric. Typically a racetard will try to rationalize their racism by selectively citing statistics and pseudoscience to support their argument.
Racetard: You are my racial inferior because you come from a race of stupid, violent savages who never created anything, have low IQs, commit tons of crimes and they stink!

Egalitarian: Wow, this moron went full racetard. Don't they know that racists are responsible for some of the greatest atrocities in the history of the world? Racists tend to be stupid, violent and prone to criminality. Plus they are hateful and ignorant. There's a strong correlation between pathological biases like racism and low intelligence. The inequality in standard of living between demographic groups that racists point to was primarily caused by institutional racism in the first place. If you make society unequal there's going to be inequality between those in power and those being oppressed. Only a dishonest statistician would use this fact to make the sort of hasty generalizations that racists make.
by EgalitarianJay November 12, 2012

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