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One who owns you, especially in Counter-Strike, Starcraft, and Reversi.
"He sure was a first2die."

"Naw, he wasnt THAT good"

"Ya, your right, what a scrub."
by Effer March 08, 2003
Lamer , Often Used As An Insult
YOU CHiLL_PILL ! plzdiekthxbye
Chill_Pill> Hey
ArSeNaL> Hi
Chill_Pill has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
ArSeNaL has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<deftones>omfg 0wned
by Effer February 22, 2003
Tsk Tsk Tsk.....
Whoa, Look at that radiant "X"
by Effer March 28, 2003

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