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When a man is having sex and you cover him in concrete,wait for it to set then there is a chisal in the womans cervix and the man has to pull it out with his cock and chisal his way out.
"Want to do a concrete footprint?" "It was a good concrete footprint we had last night." "lol concrete footprint lolololololol"
by Edward Elric February 28, 2012
THE BEST CS PLAYER in CS history currently in #tier3
"hasse rocks these scrubs
by edward elric March 28, 2005
A giant, dragon like being, usually invisible to those who don't believe (did i mention its made of fucking fire?). Anyways, it flies across the lands, slaying cunts in their thousands, it doesn't give a fuck about anything tbh. Its diet is usually treasure and precious gems. Top guy though, type of guy you'd want to do coke with.
Utakimaru is the name of the zanpakuto of a righteous man by the name of 'the midnight cunt'.
by Edward elric April 10, 2015

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