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A system of telling time where there are 100 seconds in a minute, 100 minutes in an hour, 10 hours in a day, which makes a 100 000 second day. This is different than the current Imperial system of telling time where there are 86 400 seconds in a day. There are currently no countries that use metric time, but that is likely to change.
person 1:Hey what time is it?
person 2:Oh, in metric time it's 5:94
person 1:wtf?!
by Edmoil January 11, 2007
A restaurant slang term for a food processor. Since the introduction of the Cuisinart, any food processor can be known as the Queez.
>Where the fuck is that pesto sauce?

>Still in the Queez chef.
by Edmoil January 25, 2007

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