2 definitions by Edgar Alan Flow

A subterranean humanoid species living in mountainous regions. Easily identifiable by their large, glowing, pulsating gland affixed to the upper anterior crainial region. (Forehead dumbass)
Their primary method of communication is vocal harmonicazation. They are tall. Like, really tall. They will telepathically blow your fucking mind. So watch out.
Pronk: (*harmonica noises)*(translation):Me Pronk. Leader of Gland People. Me want meatloaf. mom! Meatloaf! fuck!

Galaxia: *Me Pronk's wifey.

Tupac: Girl thats a french ass name.

Biggie: I just wanted to let you know your gland is ridikolous!

Pronk: Raaaaaaa Biggie smalls no talk to Galaxia like that!
(Pronk's gland glows red and he fires mind bullets. bang, bang.

Pronk: Tupac now feast on biggie brain with pronk and wifey.
by Edgar Alan Flow July 23, 2008
A rare breed of bitch found only in the acid water of Lake Minatonka.
Steve Irwin: Crickey look at the size of that tbitch!!

Jesus: Steve, look out fo that stringray coming fo yo heart, nigga!

Tbitch: yahhh steve yahhh
by Edgar Alan Flow July 23, 2008

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