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Miserable ignorant track-suit wearing trash exemplifying the shit-encrusted population of the British Isles. Abusive dole-scum. The reason today's elderly would rather starve away in their own homes than take a 50-yard trip down to the shops. See also scally and scut-dog.
Scratters will shortly be prevalent in the UK due to their spectacularly high teenage pregnancy rate combined with the abundance of cheaply-available KFC.
by Eddmanyeah December 05, 2003
Somebody who observes children in play from a suitably-sized herbaceous plant for the purposes of covert masturbatory facilitation. A bush-dodger.
I've got a feeling that Huntley lad might be a bit of a shrub-rocketeer, you know.

Oh, nonsense he's a nice lad. I hear he's got some O-levels. And a nice dog.
by Eddmanyeah December 03, 2003

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