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A female who participates in sexual acts with various men at the same time/ same setting.
Man, the g-freak came through and did the crew.
by Eddiemo November 05, 2007
The Judy Rule(2002) was established to keep women wholesome. Through careful thought provoking sessions the rule was founded as a way to keep women numbers down(sex partners). As it stands "wholesome women" are not to exceed more than two (2) new sex partners a year. Lets think women, 4 dudes a year after 10 years is 40 people, How are you going to explain that to your man or husband?
Damn she broke The Judy Rule a long time ago!
She did not follow The Judy Rule by no means!
I dont want to explain The Judy Rule because it may apply!
by Eddiemo November 05, 2007
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