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Excruciatingly dull human being with the power to suck the fun out of any conversation. Usually manifest in self-interested tossers.

-Banter: To have good, wholegrain chat which sets you up for the day like Readybrek.
-Antagonist: Competitor, opponent, rival.
It's a shame mate, Stacey's real hot but a complete bantagonist. Maybe I'll have better luck with her Mom.
by EddieFB November 17, 2006
1). A Herpetic Lesion of the Face, a Cold Sore.

2). Any scab on the face.
Yeah man she'd've been ok if it hadn't been for all the face krispies.

Damn, I have a date tonight and I've just got this massive face krispie!
by EddieFB February 03, 2009

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