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3 definitions by Eddie.P

Dawg is a term to identify someone you would usually hang out with. Same for homie, homeboy, and homes/holmes. The term Dawg was started in Mexican American communities, but most of the urban terms like dawg, homie, homeboy, etc. are usually givin credit for to the black/African-American community. The term dawg was originally and most commonly used in Spanish, wich is Perro. But the Mexican Americans later started using it in English, dawg/dog.
Person 1: Whats up dawg?
Person 2: just chillin, about to pop open a Corona.
by Eddie.P March 24, 2007
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The term "homie" was started by Mexican-Americans, most commonly in East Los Angeles, though, of course, the credit givin for the term goes out mostly to African-Americans. The term derrives from Homeboy, and was shortened down to just "Homes" or sometimes spelled "holmes", which is another Mexican-American term, commonly used in California. Rapper Biggy Smalls has used the term homes/Holmes commonly.
Person 1: Whats happenning homie
Person 1: just chilling homes.
by Eddie.P March 24, 2007
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The term "homeboy" derrives from "homie", and each of those terms have been shortened down overtime as "homes", or sometimes spelled "holmes". The term was started by Mexican-Americans living in the barrios of Los Angeles, most commonly said in East Los Angeles. The term refers to friends/companions living in the same neigborhood as eachother. Which is why "HOME" is started before boy, thus creating "homeboy".
Person 1: Aye whats happening homeboy?
Person 2: nothing just chilling, you?
Person 1: about to go to Rob's house...
Person 2: who that? is he a homeboy?
Person 1: Nah... just some foo i kick it with from Grape Street.
by Eddie.P March 24, 2007
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