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Often referred to as "brain licking," made popular by Bring The Pain, by Mindless Self Indulgence, where they said "I'm gonna lick out your brain." The act of oral mind sex is similar to the act of regular oral sex, involving using the mouth to sexually stimulate a partners mind. This form of oral sex is more multi-partner friendly, however the one receiving oral mind sex should mentally create a mind condom to help prevent the spread of MTD (Mentally Transmitted Diseases).
Oh my gosh, I can't believe Johnny gave Devi oral mind sex!!@ That is so wrong...
by Eddie the cool kid August 27, 2006
A mentally created condom used to help prevent the spread of MTDs (Mentally Transmitted Diseases). This is the only way to help prevent the spread of MTDs, the only thing that can make any sexual act involving the mind very dangerous. Mind condoms are mentally generated, and in no way reduce the pleasure of sexual activities involving the mind, other than the time it takes to mentally generate a mind condom. Mind condoms are generated by concentrating on their mind and nervous system being wrapped in rubber or a similar water proof substance. The more partners involved in a sexual mind act, the longer one will have to concentrate on creating a mind condom, in order to prevent the mind condom from failing. It is recommended that all partners involved in the mentally sexual act have a mind condom ready.
Don't be insane, cover your brain with a mind condom.
by Eddie the cool kid August 27, 2006
An act similar to sex, involving two people sending mentally arousing brain waves to each other. No physical contact is required to mind fuck. Mind fucking is a very safe sexual act, however one should be warned that you can contract a MTD, or mentally transmitted disease. It is recommended that those who are about to mind fuck make a mental mind condom before hand, to help reduce the chance of contracting a MTD. Mind fucking is a two person activity. If you wish to engage in a form of mental sexual activity for more than 2 people, try having a mind orgy or mind threesome. Normal orgy and threesome rules apply.
I just had the most amazing mind fuck with Sara last night!!@ I got such a brainer, and her mind is so sexy. I could have eletricly compulsed on her brain all night long.
by Eddie the cool kid August 27, 2006
1. To describe someone or yourself when in a state of bliss, or just plain happyness, or when in a state of utter dispair, or just plain sadness.

2. A planet located somewhere in the solar system. Also refers to an alien race, however there is no connection between the planet and the race other than the name.
1. Josh "Wow, I feel so flognar right now!"
Douche Bag "CHEER UP ASSHOLE!!@"
Josh "Aww, now I'm flognar..."

2. Alien Y "Isn't Flogar beautiful this time of night?"
Alien x "Why is it called Flognar, but we are the alien race of Flognar, and we don't even have any relation to it other than our name?"
Alien Y "...I...don't...know...Wanna makeout?"
by Eddie the cool kid September 08, 2006

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