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The philosphy of acheiving great things in a series of many small steps.
There have been many incrementalist designers who have taken years to perfect their visions.
by Edd Rayner February 11, 2004
A compulsive disorder that requires the sufferer to do everything as soon as they can.
Stu was a precrastinator. He just wasn't happy until he had done everthing that he needed to do. He was never happy.
by Edd Rayner February 11, 2004
When typing in a word on a mobile phone whilst using predictive text messaging; The bizzare phenonomen of getting a similar word but not the one that you wanted.
Try texting "kiss" on a nokia phone.

(Hint: it comes out as lips).
by Edd Rayner January 10, 2004
The act or process of removal of all instinct from an animal or being. This has been done over centuries to wolfs creating the modern day poodle.
Politicians see poodlification as means to tame soceity to conform to their wishes.
by Edd Rayner January 10, 2004
To make a right royal mess of things. When one would not have thought it possible.
Einstein spannered his IQ test and only got a result of 54. People thought that he was an idiot for years. (Not true - used for illustration purposes only).
by Edd Rayner January 16, 2004
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