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Pronoucned ( Rye-Den Sol-ID) A hacker who was able to hack his school's computer systems as just a small child as well as various local TD Canada Trust bank machines. After his dissappearance in 2002, the north american blackout occured. Some say it was his doing others deny it. It is also rumoured that he was a steady follower of Kevin Mitnick. His popular saying that he would send to his victims was "You've been had by Raiden Solid, goodnight."
Raiden Solid haxed me! That bastard!

by Edarios2 June 24, 2006
Another way of saying one is hungover. Anyone who has funstroke is deeply regretting all the daquiris and lemon-line kool-aid jello shooters the night before. Funstroke may be accompanied by ; vomiting, headaches, lack of intelligence, or even restlessness or drowsiness.
Oh man, I got so drunk last night, but now I have funstroke and can't stand up.
by Edarios2 June 24, 2006

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