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A vehicle that every middle and low class joe likes to complain about. Many criticize the Hummer for it's bad gas mileage, and by owning a Hummer you suddenly become a "problem" for the United States. While the Hummer may only get 10-12 miles to the gallon, MANY other cars get the EXACT SAME THING - It's just the idea that it's a Hummer.

While many complain about the Hummer itself, many complain about the driver. They have a small penis, are insecure, ect. Uhhhh... It all comes down to this: You people have nothing better to complain about, are jealous because you can't afford one, and you make the GAYEST complaints.

Don't like hummers? Here's a little info for you:
Most factories put more metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air in one day then one hummer will the WHOLE year.

I can list a bunch of other cars that get the EXACT SAME GAS MILEAGE.

But as stated above, it all comes down to JEALOSY. You can't afford one - and that's why you hate it.
Anti-Hummer People OWNAGE:
Anti-Hummer Person: You have a microscopic penis!
Me: Really? I can't imagine the size of yours: driving around in your little sissy economy car! Please...

Anti-Hummer Person: Hummer drivers are insecure and stuck up rich people!
Me: No, I'm not insecure, I just have more money then you! And when I get in a car accident with you, I always win!

Anti-Hummer Person: YOU'RE causing global warming!
Me: OPEN YOUR EYES! You want something to complain about? Have factories put less CO2 into the air, they can put A LOT MORE into the air then a Hummer can in a year. And what about busses, semi-trucks, and RVs? You'd be LUCKY to get 8 miles to the gallon in one of those!
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by EconomyCarsAreForPussies November 28, 2007
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