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Generally Girls aged 12 - 14 who follow mainstream trends and believe that they're so fantastic because they like what everyone else does. Not necessarily all 14 year old girls, however, follow this pattern. Few of us were saved by elder siblings, and eclectica
Teeny bopper: Sup! Dun chu reckon Billie Joe is Hawt?
Hybrid Punk: ... Do us all a favour. Imitate Kurt Cobain.
Teeny bopper: Huh? Hoos dat?
Hybrid: ... ::kills teenie herself::
by Eclectication February 22, 2006
The act of being Eclectic;

Having no set defined preference in, e.g. music.

Often doubts self image because many tastes cancel others out, e.g. Indie and Emo/ Pop and Metal/ Punk and Pop
"Becks is strange. We pay her out for being Emo, Indie, Hardcore, Punk, A Metal Head, a Rocker and a Drummer. But most of that stuff cancels the others out,"

"I know. Becks suffers Eclectica. The act of being Eclectic"

".... Weird..."

"Yet kinda cool,"
by Eclectication February 22, 2006
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