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Noun: Pre-legal pubescent breasts, usually of an amazing quality and pertness. However, pursuit of Questionable Titties can lead to jail and statutory rape charges and hence must be done carefully.

One should normally not openly ogle Questionable Titties, it must be done on the sly.
My 15 year old cousin has Questionable Titties.
by Eaterofmany January 07, 2012
Adjective: To, in an unprovoked and random manner, approach a stranger or friend and provide them with an uncomfortable, rude, or offensive truth about them.

Truth Raping can be undertaken by any Gangster of Knowledge rolling through the hood raping people with the Big Black Cock of the Truth (BBCOT) the result of the Truth Rape felt by the victim can be described widely as Truth Gape (TG)
Homie - approaching stranger: Damm that's an ugly baby!
Ugly Baby Mama: Woah Homie that shit hurts!
Homie: Hahaha, you just been raped! By the Truth! Truth Rape!!! - runs away.
Ugly Baby Mama: Ahhh, mah Truth Gapes killin me....
by Eaterofmany January 02, 2012
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