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3 definitions by EatMyPubes

To be fucked up on alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine or thizz.
Damn dude I just smoked two blunts to the face, rails off the counter and drank hella shots.. I'm triple faded.
by EatMyPubes April 20, 2011
The highest form of a nigga. The nigga that comes before all your other niggas.
Me and that nigga go way back, he's my niggarino
by EatMyPubes January 05, 2011
The one small turd that remains in your butt and refuses to join it's friends after you've dropped all the other logs into the toilet. No matter how much you push, it pokes out a little, but always goes back in once you stop.
The Uncertain Turd: mama always said, "if all your friends jumped into the toilet bowl, would you jump to?"
by EatMyPubes January 25, 2011