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To be really mean or cruel; to act or say something sick, usually in the form of spreading sexual gossip about a particular person.
Howard Dean and John Kerry: Two Faggots who fuk butt!
Yes indeedy! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
by Eat my shit, Liberals! April 18, 2005
the appropriate last name for Michael Schiavo, the murderer of his disabled (but not vegatative) wife, Terri Schiavo.
Stop being such a Michael Shithole!
by Eat my shit, Liberals! April 15, 2005
Another very clever nickname for those people known as Democrats. This title is derived from the label "Democrat", and the term Traitor. This is because the Democrats really are traitors; they care more about people of other nations than ours, and could give two shits about our soldiers and the majority of Americans.
Perfect examples of Democratraitors: Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Michael Moore.
by Eat my shit, Liberals! April 16, 2005
A derogatory, yet creative name for Our PRESIDENT George Bush. This is yet another of the dozens of names that liberal kids and Democraps use against Bush because they are only capable of insulting someone and are jealous because they lost the election AGAIN.
Don't be such a presidumbass, Bill Clinton.
by Eat my shit, Liberals! April 15, 2005

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