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A serious question that was asked in 2004, now a meme.

Downloading more RAM is impossible since it's an hardware.

A fake prank website with the same name propose the user 3 choices of RAM to download, all are free. When the user clicks one, a "Downloading Ram" bar will appear and slowly progress, when done, a popup will appear that you have downloaded more ram. In reality, your ram is still the same.
Newbie : Where can i download more RAM ? I need it to play the newest games
(New reply from XxX_TrollKiller2002_XxX)
XxX_TrollKiller2002_XxX : (Sends link to downloadmoreramcom)
by Earthykiller July 15, 2014
The most badass undercover cop in whole Hong Kong.
Said to be Jackie Chan brother, Wei Shen goes around kicking people in the face and jumping from vehicle to vehicle.
"Dude, did you see that ? My friend got kicked in the face by a Wei Shen wannabe oh SH-"
by Earthykiller July 15, 2014
To submit yourself from attackers, enemies, etc... A great alternative to the "being shot in the head" scenario.

Please note that in some cases when he/they take you, you're probably gonna get raped and tortured.
"Don't shoot, I'm surrendering !"
by Earthykiller July 14, 2014

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