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a place where people gather and speak an undesirable dialect of English
webpage:The forum is under maintenance, maintenence will end in approximately 3 years
forumer:Holy ****, now what will I do with my life *google searches "forum"*
by Earboxer January 23, 2009
lots of money, so much that you don't need to spell the word right
hobo's sign:will sing and dance for Ca$h
by Earboxer January 23, 2009
1.(noun)a god-like website originally created by aliens in attempt to find out Earths master plan, but it failed because no Earthlings make big plans and was sold to some Americans, who made it into the most popular search engine
2.(verb)to use the google search engine to search the web
1.Google is your friend (your only friend)
What is the plural form of oxen?
I don't know, just google it.
by Earboxer January 23, 2009
1.Describing a song which usually has a distorted guitar, in a positive way
2.Describing a person who's stomach is not feeling well
3.to have a disease
4.an excuse to use so you won't have to do something that you don't want to do
1.That song is SICK!
2.The kid that was sick on Christmas day was puking into a bucket(true story)
3.The disease was so contagious, the whole town was sick a week later.
John:where's Zach?
Matt:He called in "Sick"
by Earboxer January 23, 2009
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