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When you have been pounding some scrullet with a smelly pussy all night and the next day your balls smell like fish.
"Man that bitch had such a smelly pussy I woke up with fish balls"
by Eagan March 21, 2007
A female who is sought after when more than 4 pints of beer have been consumed or the night is nearly over. She is the definition of last resort. This female is usually not very attractive and quite easy to bed.
The night was late and Justin was running out of options, so he decided to go find some scrullet.
by Eagan March 21, 2007
Pronunciation Key.(noo-guld)- To be inebriated beyond the point of return.
"Man Riley was so noogled the other night. He did like 15 beers and took home some serious scrullet who gave him fish balls."
by Eagan March 21, 2007

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