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3 definitions by EZRJPOOWEE

The one true love of your life. Called the Great White Buffalo because of it's rarity, elusive status.

Most people go throughout their entire lives without ever encountering a Great White Buffalo.

This is talked about in the 2010 movie "Hot Tub Time Machine"
"You're lucky you found Leslie, some people go through their whole lives and never even see their "Great White Buffalo."
by EZRJPOOWEE April 15, 2010
A woman that takes charge and asks a man out on a date. Usually very assertive when going after someone she likes/wants. Does not depend on the man to make the first real move.

This is in reference to the Amazon tribes of warrior women from Greek mythology. In this society men were dominated by women.
Man#1: "Man, Nicole has been asking me out for the last 2 months, that chick just won't take no for an answer."

Man#2: "She's an Amazon Woman bro. She won't stop till her hunt ends in a kill."
by EZRJPOOWEE April 15, 2010
Another word for vagina.

In reference to when a baby is born, the outer part of the vagina flaps in and out for about a second or two. This gives the appearance of saloon doors opening and closing like in old western movies when a cowboy walks into the place.
Did you see that that chick give birth?! That baby came flying out of those saloon doors.
by EZRJPOOWEE April 13, 2010