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Pudo is a term to describe the dankest of the dank; the firest of the fire; the greenest of the green; etc.
Jordan: How's the tree man?
Adam: Straight up pudo.
Adam: <proceeds to ass out>
by ETSN March 22, 2007
An action in which two inebriated individuals knuckle pound one another's fist, with little or no effort. To do so, one must relax the hand to a point where little energy is consumed. Followed thereby with but a light tap of the individuals' knuckles. Thus, a knuckle pound with but a quarter of the energy used regularly.
*Works best whilst in a smoke-filled automobile

Post-script: The use of the word 'dyep' after the quarter pound is used in the most extraordinary of cases.
Chris: Damn that was some good pudo
Jordan: Yeah, that shit was good too..
Chris: Quarter pound that shit menh
<the quarter pound>
Chris: Dyep.
Jordan: Dyep.
by ETSN March 22, 2007

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