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4 definitions by ESHS

(n.) after an intense workout, the gooch or taint area becomes sweaty and moist. The sweat coats the gooch hair resulting in a swamp-like feel. Thus derives the name swamp gooch. Swamp gooch is most common when playing sports in boxers.
Woah, i had the worst swamp gooch after football yesterday. It was so sweaty and smelled like Deeb.
by ESHS January 05, 2011
9 1
a small ball of lint and ass hair. lintberries collect in and around the anus, as well as in the lint dent. a lintberry because a problem when it becomes wrapped in butt hair. it may be painful to take out and may rip some hair out with it.
after a long day, one must scoop the lintberry out of his or her anus, to prevent chaffing.
by ESHS January 31, 2011
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the act of hooking up with a fat girl at a party. One may not realize the after-effects of zeeging until the next day, when fallout occurs.
Jacob sure was zeeging last night, I heard his girlfriend found out and broke up with him. Shit!
by ESHS January 31, 2011
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the small dent located above the asscrack. It is called the lint dent because lint accumulates here. The lint dent is easy to find and is not very deep.
I just scooped a string of lint out of my lint dent!
by ESHS January 31, 2011
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