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1. Pre-teenage girl who ODs on ibuprofen.
2. Pre-teenage girl who is a bitch to everyone.
3. Pre-teenage girl who sits on her ass all day and has no real friends.
4. Pre-teenage girl who everyone hates.
5. Pre-teenage girl who thinks boobs make her an adult.
1. "I'm Asstea and I had to get my stomach pumped after taking sixteen ibuprofen pills!!"
2. "Uhm, no. I'm Asstea and what I say goes."
3. "Eye dee kay, Kirby!!"
4. "Did you hear that Asstea started autospamming boards like mad yesterday, then got mad when people made boards about her? God she is such an idiot!"
5. "I'm Asstea and I have boobs, there for I am an adult!"
by EMOIZZY April 29, 2007

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