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Dutch for cheese, only kaas is much worse than cheese, cheese is the evil partner of kaas.

Also used to say that things are shitty.
#1 ZOMG! Your pc is kaas!
#2 You smell like kaas
#3 Kaas is the seccond nectar of the godz
by ELX[Draco] February 23, 2005
Another omg version like omgooses and others, it's used now and then on forums and chatboxes.
People probably added google cuz of google's popularity.
#1 says:
I just had hot sex with Gabe Newell!
#2 says:
omgoogle that's hot!1!!
by ELX[Draco] March 22, 2005
Dutch for arse, related to the legendary aarslijst site (google aarslijst and check cache).
Henk: I was sucking someone's aars yesterday, it was horrible!

Kees: wtf? why did you do that? I can understand it was horrible...

Henk: Well, he asked me to lick it clean and...

Kees: WTF!!?!1! GTFO OF MY HOUSE!!!@11one!
by ELX[Draco] February 23, 2005
Word for all birds, like when you see a bird you say:

(1 duif, 2 duiven)
You: Hey, check that duif!
Other: Zomg duiven r teh leeb!
by ELX[Draco] February 23, 2005
Cock and Ball Torture is a grindcore band from germany

#1: and what do you think of the mp3 I sent you?
#2: wtf? do you call that music? its crap!
by ELX[Draco] May 27, 2005

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