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Paul Masson is a Grande Amber Brandy. Its very smooth and tastes great on the rocks. There is Paul Masson Grande Amber Brandy VS(Very Special) and VSOP(Very Superior Old Pale). Paul Masson Brandy is not Paul Masson Wine! I like to drink it straight similar to my compadres Trey Songz and Gucci Mane. Trey Songz and Gucci Mane rap and sing about drinking Paul Masson straight in the song "Drink It Straight."
Tiny Tim: Yo Els, im heading to U-liqs to cop da big jawn of Paul Masson , What kind of chasers should i get?
Elsworth: No chasers neccessary. I drink it straight.
by ELSWORTHPB October 21, 2008

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