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4 definitions by ELCHEEZE

When a person fucks up badly (ie. spilling the bowl, breaking objects that ''pertain HIGH value, dropping his/hers freshly grinded Dime etc.)
Meanwhile at Fort 20
Person 1:yo here, grind this weed and pack a bowl <passes open grinder half full of weed>
Person 2:<reaches but was too stoned to know it was closer than he/she thought> (clang of the grinder hitting the floor)
Person 3:Damn, Busting a Yeps./OR/ fucking up or what?
by ELCHEEZE July 08, 2013
A name given to Zongs that hit hard.
yo pass baby zeus
by ELCHEEZE July 08, 2013
a bitch move.
Person 1: yo, let's go toke
Person 2: nah dude, i have a job interview today, i heard they're paying pretty well too
Person 1: come on, quit busting a kerndog (babykern, macdaddykern)
by ELCHEEZE July 08, 2013
When a person, typically male, who can absolutely not resist ratchet/rancid pussy, and has to attain it at all costs.

Also Described as Busting an Omar.
Person 1: <shakes head> dude...you're Busting a Nigga O.
Person 2: Fuck it dawg, she was aight in the sak, im just a squirrel tryna get his nut.
by ELCHEEZE July 08, 2013