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explosive ejaculation; prefereably aimed directly at an unsuspecting female face. The force of which should render the victim unconscious for a brief period of time.
"Yo, you should have seen the cum bullets I shot at Stacy last night. She was out cold for a minute."
by EK March 22, 2004
An effort by Circuit City to try and do something for their customers before they go out of business. IQ Crew is their computer "tech" dept that will keep working on your computer until:
a.) You get tired of taking it there and take it to someone who can actually fix it or b.) The computer has been there so long it is not worth paying the bill to pick it up.
customer: Is my computer repaired yet?
IQ Crew: Repaired?, We don't do that here.
customer: listen, I wanted my computer back!
IQ Crew: Ok, well you amount owed is $675.
customer: $675 !?!?!?!? For what?, I just wanted a memory upgrade!
IQ Crew: well, you were one of the two customers we had in the store today and we have to pay for our time here somehow!
customer: whatever, gimme my damn computer.
*later on telephone*
IQ Crew: yo, what's up, dog?
customer: I just paid $675 for a memory upgrade and I still have the same amount of RAM.
IQ Crew: Oh, you wanted RAM? We deleted some files from your computer so you have more memory available.
customer: Is that why my sound isn't working???
IQ Crew: Well, your sound driver was taking a lot of hard drive space.
*customer slams phone down*
by Ek April 15, 2005
To be severely phased, schooled, rawked, or otherwise "put in your place"
(Always used in passive form)
Ohhh you were dead wrong! You got SAZED!
by Ek December 01, 2003
A belief that all people have
right to Grow
right to Blossom
right to be Themselves.
It is about Mother Earth appreciation as well as Cosmic peace.
It is about love and harmony.
It is about peace after revolution.
Eunaism was not created for Anyone,
but those who understand the profundity of life's vanity.
by EK September 21, 2003
The act of defecating upon another humans’chest region. This works best when performed on a female, so the performer may titty fuck the beneficiary.
Hey Bootz, "Did you here about Mary getting steamlined by Frank?"
by EK March 22, 2004
1. Some random fuck everyone likes to laugh at.

2. Danny Palenstine--Squatty
1. "Hey Bootz!" -Like "Hey Fucker"

"Got Bootz" "All Hail Bootz"
"Long Live Bootz" "Suck my big bootz"
"Viva La Bootz" "Show me your bootz"
"Lets Get Bootz"
by EK March 22, 2004
Fucking cocaine.
"Shit man, did you see how much wax I just snorted?"
by EK March 22, 2004

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