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One of the top school districts in Pa, not to mention the richest. Here you'll find a plethora of Mercedes and BMWs parked in the high school parking lot, and, I kid you not, some of them hottest looking kids in Pa, who live in huge houses, score ridiculously high on the SATs, take pricey vacations, don't ever have to get jobs cause their parents pay for everything, and who go on to be the richest and most successful people among their competition. We're naturally smart and undeniably well dressed. If you meet an even slightly stuck up person, you can pretty much better they're from Council Rock. We're sexy, rich, conceited snobs and we're fucking proud of it. We are CR.
Council Rock School District
by EGS March 31, 2005
The creating of, the furthering of, the next in a line evolved from a former, new life.

A term often attached to a demographic buzz phrase usually defining a clump of folk.
Generation X
Pepsi Generation
Hippy Generation
by EGS September 14, 2004
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