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Loose association of football thugs, British nationalists, petty criminals and out-and-out-racists who claim they're defending the UK from Islamic extremism by going on Stella and Cocaine fuelled rampages through towns and cities with high muslim populations.

Popular songs on English Defence League demonstrations include "Allah is a Paedo", "Allah, Allah, Who the fuck is Allah?" "Burn A Mosque"and "We Want Our Country Back".

The English Defence League claims to be educating the population at large about the threat muslims, sorry, "islamic extremism" poses to "our way of life". They also think that pork products have the same effect on muslims that garlic has on vampires. Unsurprisingly, the population at large finds them to be varyingly rabid, pig ignorant, stultifyingly ill-informed or a combination of all three. Or doesn't even know who they are.
"Who are that bunch of sorry clowns that closed our town centre down last weekend?"
"What, the ones that look and sound like the National Front?"
"Yeah, that lot".
"Oh, that's the English Defence League".
by EDLULZ March 05, 2011

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