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A character in anime or manga who has silver hair. Most commonly used for good-looking guys as they most commonly are the ones with silver hair, but some general characters are also silverettes.
Sephiroth from FFVII, Riku from Kingdom Hearts, Zero from Vampire Knight and Kakashi Hatake from Naruto are all well-known silverettes in the anime and manga world.
by ECJF April 13, 2013
Sitting on Urban Dictionary, editing stuff, until you come across the thing you just sent in for publishing. A moment of pure awesome as you hit the 'publish' button, a 'what the hell was I thinking' moment of shame as you hit the 'don't publish' or a moment of 'I'm gonna let someone else decide' as you hit the 'I don't know' button.
Girl: I was soooooo bored that I was editing on Urban Dictionary for so long that I actually got one of my own publishes!
Boy: Self-edit moment. What did you hit?
Girl: Duh, it was the product of high sugar in-take and supreme boredom! I shot it down before I let myself feel the shame of having it on the Internet.
by ECJF April 13, 2013
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