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3 definitions by ECET Student

1. Angry about speaking on the specific topic
2. A one-word way to say "we arent going there"
Nick: Let's talk about your about your past drug habit.
Alex: Man....weaintfinnagodere!
Nick: Shit.....
by ECET Student April 10, 2007
7 4
Something boner, hard-on, or erect penis shaped
Tom: I hate banannas! Why would you want to put anything bonicular in your mouth?
by ECET Student March 24, 2007
1 1
An asian woman's dirty vagina
Billy: My God! That girl's snatch smells like a chinese fish market!
Jeff: It's cuase shes asian isnt it?
Billy: No...
Jeff: You racist...
by ECET Student April 09, 2007
19 22