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A male victim of business casual. Dockers cowboy most often pairs the pants that are the eponym of his species with plaid collared shirts, often of the short sleeved variety. While frequently an engineer, Dockers cowboy may also be a public accountant or a retail store manager. Dockers cowboy's immunity to fashion sense is an extreme, if unwitting, expression of heterosexuality.
Jane, why don't you ask Dockers cowboy what see-or-die activity involving a ball he will be watching on his large-screen television this weekend?
by E. Ponymous April 23, 2011
A metamorphosis experienced by certain twenty- and thirty- somethings, the primary manifestation of which is the shedding of Ikea furniture, Ikea accessories, and all things Ikea in favor of possessions befitting an adult. Deikeaization is as dramatic as a second puberty for some, with wet dreams revolving around the wares of Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware and other mature manufacturers of home furnishings. As with puberty, so with deikeaization: wood is good.
Alex invited me over for dinner the other day; I think he must be going through deikeaization, as none of his "silver" ware is rusty any more and his Billy bookcase had been replaced with something looking more like a William.
by E. Ponymous May 31, 2011
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