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When Doom was first announced, and the first screenshots started appearing in videogame mags, the fledgeling internet community was abuzz; as cyber-lore would have it, the topic of DOOM was so common on the USENET group comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action, that someone jokingly suggested that ID's next game have a title less likely to be used as a subject header, and gave the example of, 'Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles of Putrid Debris'. or, SPISPOPD for short. People jokingly threw ideas for what the game would be about, and eventually it blossomed into the SPISPOPD FAQ, which later still culminated in the game SPISPOPD, a little puzzler (as I understand it) which was coded in just under 48 hours.

SPISPOPD became so well known that it reached Doom's coders, and one of them snuck in the code - IDSPISPOPD - at the last minute. Sadly, it was later changed to IDCLIP for the sequel, Doom 2. Ah, well. Cest la vie.
'IDSPISPOPD enables no clipping mode. Check it out, you can see the hall of mirrors!'
by E. Moran August 04, 2004
According to urban legend, Polybius was a strange arcade game, similair to Tempest which brainwashed those who played it and was placed in arcades by a shady branch of the federal government. All retellings have a different agency, from the CIA, to the NSA, to the FBI, to even forign agencies like the KGB. In reality - at least, according to a former Atari employee - Polybius was a name for one of the early Betas of Tempest, and was tested in a few arcades. The game was known to cause Vertigo and Motion Sickness, and as such was pulled immediately.
My cousin's friend's older brother played Polybius and went insane. I swear!
by E. Moran May 13, 2004
An arcade game originally released in 1981 by Atari. Tempest was a vector-based arcade game designed and programmed programmed by Dave Theurer where the player would control a small ship that moved around in a wireframe tunnel destroying oncoming space ships. Besides being one of the most popular Arcade games of all time, Tempest also left a few urban legends in it's wake, one of which was Polybius - An early beta of the game which caused Vertigo and Motion Sickness, and was supposedly part of a government test to brainwash America's youth.
I played Tempest up at Pinball Pete's the other day. I lost quickly.
by E. Moran May 13, 2004
The number of cans one can imbibe of any beverage in one day before it begins to taste like ass. Even excellent tasting beverages can have a short x-can limit.
Orange soda has a 2-can limit. That's even worse than Mountain Dew's 4-can limit.
by E. Moran May 13, 2004
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