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that sexy guy who sings that super addictive song "im yours" that you will listen to over and over again till your mom forcefully makes you shut down the computer and wash the dishes
Eve: "looove looove looove looove im yours!!!! omg Jason Mraz i loooove you!"

Mom: "eve! turn that off and scrub them dishes missy!"
by E-Tag! September 06, 2008
something you say when some one is over exaggerating
Paul: "Omg! You just stepped on my new Nikes on purpose!"

Mo'quisha: "Ovight, it's never that serious!" *bitch-ass face*
by E-Tag! September 06, 2008
hot topic is a store i used to love going to until this new trend of "rebellious rocker teens" exploded all over the country.
i saw this poser looking guy buying a avenged sevenfold tee from hot topic so i was all "oh you like their song 'afterlife'?" and hes responds "naw sorry, i dont even know who they are, i just bought it cause Paul had it."
by E-Tag! September 06, 2008
a website you visit when myspace is being a biotch and your to lazy to call a friend over or jerk off.
you can also define the stupid slang terms your friends have invented, give a dirty definition to everything from apple to zebra, or plainly just bitch about your haters.
UD Noob: "oo interesting! no one has defined rubber band yet!"
*typing in urban dictionary definition box*

Rubber band: sticking your head in someones private area and yelling out applesauce repeatedly.
by E-Tag! September 06, 2008

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