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A stringed instrument that is a great thing to play and have fun with. 99% of all guitarists are musically illiterate. Infact, I play guitar and I can't read music, but I'm much better than any of my friends who can. Guitars are a great way to express yourself, have fun, get a good vibe goin, and impress buddies and chicks. And yes, guitars do pick chicks up.
Damn! Now that, is a sexy guitar. God, if that was a girl, I'd fuck it in a second.
by E-Money June 24, 2003
a tv channel which used to show a lil good music and occasionally has good cartoons on it. Now its all shit like "real" world and all that. Whoever said we should protest in front of MTV is stupid, they're all fat rich old men who want to make money, so they team up with the radio and make bad bands, which they then put on all their shows and channels in order to brainwash kids into buying their shit.
My sister: I love MTV
ME: If you go anorexic from this shit im going to kick your ass
by e-money June 18, 2004
A cadillac, a pincho, or a damn fine sexy looking car. It often goes well with a pimp, some baby powder, or members of Bufu.
Yo man, check that car out! That's a pimpmobile Bufu needs!
by E-Money June 07, 2003
A situation in which a person's asshole is filled with peanut butter and then it is sucked out through a straw.
Kevin was smurgled the other night by Martha.
by E-Money February 21, 2003
A dance where the performer puts his or her arms down their shorts and sticks out their wrists and hands. The performer then swings his or her arms side to side and simoutaneously prances about.
Yo, ma' boy Matt can bust out a mad-ass Pookalaka! THE GIRLIES GO MAD CRAZY!
by E-Money March 13, 2005
The situation in which you go down on a girl during her period, cover your face with her "juices", let them dry, and peel them off, only to eat the hardened product.
Kevin saved Martha's fruit roll up in the fridge.
by E-Money February 21, 2003
1.Truthful definition: A guy who actually has ho's lined up wit a price for other guy's to get sexual favors from them.
2.More common use: A slick guy who has alot of girls hangin around him and is known as a mackdaddy.

3. Pussy
Damn man you is straight pimpin ova here!

U think you's a lil pimpette, huh?
by E-money July 23, 2004

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