4 definitions by E stop yed


Used to express ones feelings.
jack..Can you lend me a tenner?
Dan...No you can fuckrightoff mate.
by E stop yed April 04, 2008
To take it up the wrong un
I entered her via the poopenhousen
by E stop yed April 03, 2008
Another name for a ladys arse,bottom,trumper.
1, Cor blimey look at the Giant pootanks on her .

2, She looks fit ,yeh but look at her pootanks there massive.
by E stop yed May 10, 2008
When a persons nose hair is clearly visable.
Cor blimey look at the nose hair on that bloke,you could hold them together and play the hairs like a nose harp.
by E stop yed May 30, 2008

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