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The M-16 is a lightweight, magazine fed, gas operated, air cooled, shoulder fired weapon. It can fire 6 different variants of the 5.56mm round: M193 Ball, M855 Ball (green tip), M199 Dummy, M196 Tracer, M856 tracer, and the M200 Blank. It has 2 methods of fire: semi automatic and 3-round burst. It has a cyclic rate of fire of 800 rounds per minute, a max effective rate of fire of 45 rounds per minute on semi, and 90 rounds per minute on burst. The standard rate of fire is 12-15 rounds per minute. It has a max effective range of 550 meters on a point target and 800 meters on an area target. The max range of the weapon is 3534 meters. It can accept several different attachments, such as the M203 grenade launcher and an RCO (Range Combat Optic). While it does need to be cleaned regularly (more regularly in some areas of the world than others), it is a highly effective weapon of choice by many countries military.
The M-16 is the weapon of choice for the United States military so that we may continue to rain death and destruction on all of those who threaten our way of life.
by Dysfunction8 March 14, 2009

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