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To have passion for, to care, or to love someone or something without knowning how, or why, but you still love them anyways.

Used to replace, "I Like You" , or "I Love You"
to show more passion then " I like you" and doesn't scare off the person like "I love You"
John loveums Jill a lot.
We loveum each other everyday.
William Hung loveums music, but many people do not loveum his.
Joy loveums Sandy's brother.
I loveum you, and thats the truth.
I dreamt that you loveumed me, is that true?
Hi, I'm Mr.Right, I heard you loveum me.
OMFG Jessica! How could you loveum him! Only I can loveum him!
I loveumly loveum you till you loveum me as we loveum each other when our loveum is over.
by Dynasty Blade February 11, 2008
A word used to replace "penis" as a prank so when you flip over the word, you will get a little surprise.
OMFG JOSH, why did you write siuad on my hand!!!!
Ewww... you liek siuad
Ummm... what's a siuad? OHHH Penis!
Go suck a Siuad
by Dynasty Blade February 19, 2008
The opposite of loveum

To hate, to detest, to be fucking mad at someone or something without a reasonable excuse or reason.

Used to replace, "I FUCKEN HATE THAT MO FUCKER BITCHEN SHYT OF ASS CRACK", or "I don't like you".
Uses less words then "I FUCKEN HATE THAT MO FUCKER BITCHEN SHYT OF ASS CRACK" and has more meaning then " I don't like you"
Susan hateum Jackie.
I hateum her.
We all hateum those sluts
I loveum you so much that i hateum you.
She broke my heart, there for I hateum her.
He cheated on Molly, now Molly hateum him.
Mmmm...Chicken wings...With no Coleslaw? I HATEUM YOU!
by Dynasty Blade February 11, 2008

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