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1 definition by Dymaxion

1. Land mass in the western hemisphere, comprising of North and South America. In many countries, America is considered one continent, in others, it is split into two.
2. In the United States, America is synonymous with the U.S.A. and rarely used in the former sense. The continent itself is usally called "the Americas".
3. In the other countries of the American continent (especially in Latin American countries) America usually refers to the continent.
1. The continents of the world consist of Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Antartica and America.
2. America the beautiful. America for Americans. God bless America (and no one else)
3. These "yanquis" are getting on my nerve with their talk of America. Don't they know that America is the whole continent!
by Dymaxion November 03, 2005